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Newsletter - Summer-Fall 2012

August & September Classes Announced

Hope you are having a great summer. It sure goes by in a hurry! Before we know it fall will be here and then the Holidays just around the corner. Sorry that you havenít heard from me for quite some time. Itís been a very crazy year so far. Two surgeries and recovery times have kept me away from my studio time! Well, Iím on the mend now and ready to get back to designing and teaching. ? Hope you are ready to take some classes. Coming up - I have several new and previous designs that I will be teaching. The details are below - hope you can join us! My new address is above and you will find driving directions - at the end of this newsletter.

Mark your calendar and get your reservation in early - class size is limited.

Sweet Chickadee

For those of you that missed this class when I taught it previously - now is your chance to take it!

If you would like to take this class and are not a chapter member-you may come as my guest; just pay the class fee.

  Supplies Needed for Chickadee
  • Colored Pencils (listed below)
  • tracing paper
  • brush - for dusting pencil crumbs
  • Light Gray non-wax graphite transfer paper
  • hand held pencil sharpener
  • Stylus or Verithin pencil for transferring the
  • clipboard pattern
  • battery operated eraser (opt.)
  • Scotch tape for taping the pattern and
  • paper towels lifting excess pencil
Prismacolor Colored Pencils
  • White French Grey 50% Dark Chocolate
  • Sienna Brown French Grey 70% Marine Green
  • Cool Grey 90% French Grey 90% Dark Green
  • French Grey 10% Light Umber Cream
  • French Grey 20% Beige Canary Yellow

Reservation Deadline: Thursday, August 16, 2012

*Note: If you need colored pencils, I can order them for you. I will be placing the pencil order on Thursday, August 16th - so I will need to have your order before then.


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